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You have the application development skills. We have the intelligent SAP integration Framework.
Together, we can create powerfully-unified custom mobile experiences for any device, on any platform.

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Every company has a story. Ours started with "What if...?" Together with our development partners, it's building toward "What's next?"

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Need help with your SAP® handshake? We have one that will open all new enterprise mobility horizons.

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Purposeful disruption in business technologies is a full-time job, requiring laser focus. We're on it. See what we're doing now.

The enosiX Framework

Your workforce is mobile. Your enterprise data is not.

No worries. Imagine a framework that helps you transform your software solutions with business-critical ERP integration -- for any device, any platform, using tools you already know. Easily leverage existing SAP® business processes and security configurations to create unparalleled, native mobile SAP experiences. That's what the enosiX Framework does for you.

Our software solutions at work

Smart Catalog_enterprise app by enosiX

Smart Catalog

Real-time inventory data, product reviews, and in-app ordering for a toy manufacturer? Done.


Smart Approval

How do you help a people mover with troubles moving POs? Get smarter.

The enosiX Framework takes complexity out of the equation.